Boynq D’Light USB Light


Set a mood to Boynq to...

Boynq markets the D’light as a way to “set the mood”. Personally, I have never had someone trying to get it on set me in a computer chair, click on a USB light, and cue the Marvin Gaye. If you’re a dude looking for a way to seduce a chick, I’m pretty sure no USB light it going to make up for your lack of personality or looming computer tower. And if you’re a chick trying to seduce a dude… wait… what!?

Alright. Enough with the smut. The Boynq D’light is one of the weirdest USB gadgets I have ever used….and the least useful. Besides being used as a mood starter, the D’light is supposed to illuminate your keyboard to make those late night term papers easier on the eyes.

D’Light Description

The d’Light is the only famous USB light for your notebook and yes you have seen it right, it’s a lampshade on a USB lights.  What better way to transform the powerful LED light into a smooth enjoyable mood glow?

As all other boynq products the d’Light stands for guaranteed quality as the ultra bright white LED allows you to see every key on your notebook crystal clear even in the darkest nights.

Key features:

  • USB light with real lampshade
  • Ultra bright white LED light
  • USB powered, no AC adapter required
  • Flexible metal wire, 30cm.
  • Easy to operate on/off switch