Boxee Box is no More


It looks like Team Boxee is giving up the reins and joining Samsung.

While I’ve been a Boxee fan since their beginning, they’ve had a lot of growing pains.  The Boxee Box had a lot of bugs for the first year, and since it became stable there has been little to no development.  Team Boxee even dropped support of their PC version of the product, which locks out many features that made it the enthusiast’s choice.

XBMC (on which Boxee is based) is still continuing development, and is a great choice to make your own video appliance.  You can even install it on a Raspberry Pi, Andoid device, and even your Android-enabled phone.

It will be interesting to see what Samsung has in store, and I hope they continue to innovate.  Team Boxee stopped moving, and the rest of the industry moved on.

Here’s the official letter from Team Boxee:

We’re pleased to announce that the Boxee team will be joining Samsung.

Samsung is the #1 consumer electronics company in the world.  They produce all of the screens we watch entertainment on – TVs, laptops, phones, and tablets.  We’re excited to collaborate with Samsung on how each of these devices can deliver a more integrated TV experience.

We’re working behind the scenes to ensure there’s minimal impact to your Boxee Box during this process.

The Boxee Box holds a special place in our heart as the first device we built.  It was the first living room device to have a keyboard on the back of the remote.  It was also the first XBMC-based set top box to be sold at major retailers.

It’s the device that really launched Boxee on the world stage, and we want to thank you for being a part of our journey.

Team Boxee



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