Boxee Box 1.1 Update Woes


I have a strong love/hate relationship with the Boxee Box.  On one hand it is one of the best video appliances that integrates both online media with a great video streamer.  Additionally it integrates well with social media such as Facebook and other online accounts, has Netflix support, and has a great interface.

When compared to a Home Theater Computer running XBMC or even an online-capable Blu-ray player, Boxee falls a little short in a few areas. The Boxee box has a few major problems for media enthusiasts.  For one, it can be severely slow, and has been prone to more crashes than a HTPC (I have to reboot the unit once every few days).  So I, like many other Boxee users, couldn’t wait to install the new 1.1 firmware that was released a few days ago.

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