Bored at Work

I’m at work right now bored out of my mind. I’ve cleaned the whole store… alas… nothing to do. I wish I brought my homework.

Good news! I received my acceptance letter in the mail yesterday; I will officially be in nursing school next fall!  I was waiting FOREVER for that stupid letter to come in the mail, since the post office had to forward it from my old address.

Played volleyball last night and now my legs, back, and forearms hurt super bad. I haven’t played a sport (besides tennis) in awhile so it was really taxing on my unused muscles.

I want to check out Wii Fit…. I might have to write a rant about it.

I’ve sold many red roses today. I wonder how many dudes will get laid as a result of bringing their women flowers….. DUDES! Do you get laid when you bring your women flowers?

Going to play SingStar and RockBand tonight. ROCK ON!

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