Boom Boom Rocket Review


A game about fireworks?

At first glance, a game about fireworks doesn’t sound like it would be very fun. The concept itself makes you curious, and that is enough to snare you into the addictive world of Boom Boom Rocket: a game that enhances on the proven gameplay of Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero. Instead of distracting background videos, this game is set against a city in the black of night. The camera moves around and in-between buildings while fireworks shoot up from the bottom of the screen and rewards your timeliness with elaborate spark showers.

Typically, these types of games require that you use a special controller, like a dance pad or an overly expensive guitar controller. Mastering these new controllers is what transforms gameplay into an artform… because just pressing arrow keys on your keyboard or D-pad would be too easy, right?

Boom Boom Rocket changes the gameplay dynamics so that it can be played on a standard Xbox 360 controller, but still manages to be challenging. Gameplay is similar to other “rhythm” games in that you must press a button in sync with colored arrows, and there is a threshold on how accurately the arrows are triggered. Perfect timing is rewarded with more points rather than barely catching an explosion.

The arrows in Boom Boom Rocket correspond to the A, B, X and Y buttons on the Xbox 360 contoller. A yellow arrow always points up, which corresponds with the Y button (which happens to be yellow, and is the top-most button). The mapping is easy to remember and is down-right intuitive, which makes this game easy to pick up for the beginner… there’s even a “freestyle” mode were you can just bash on the controller any way you want just to see what fireworks you can make.