Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII Review


Fly like an eagle

The Xbox 360 has seen it’s first 6 months come and go. And what do we have to show for it? One really kick ass RPG in Elder Scrolls, one ball busting first person shooter in Call of Duty 2 and one psycho crazy driving game in Burnout revenge. From there, we get a couple of decent FPSs a solid fighting game with Dead or Alive a passable action title in Tomb Raider and a slightly better then average horror title in Condemned. From there it all goes to crap, King Kong was a major disappointment, the Xmen game stunk, Rumble Roses XX was disappointing. Not the cadre of games I had hoped for at this point, but not wholly disappointing either.

Now this is really just a brief synapsis of the 60 plus games available on the 360, and I’m sure there would be some folks out there that would disagree with me in my above statement and that’s fine. But my point is that there seems to be a real slow process in releasing 360 games, and when they do come out, they aren’t necesarily the “future of gaming” experiences that we were all promised.

Which brings me to our latest review, Blazing Angels. We here at OCmodshop have nothing but your best interests in mind and want to try and convey the best possible reviews to you so you can get a good idea if a title is something that want to purchase. Now with that in mind, of all of the 360 games released need to be looked at in one of two ways, wanna hear about em? Here we go…

In my mind I break all 360 games into two categories, those games that possess the visuals, the audio power and design that could only be pumped out by the 360’s processing power. You know, the in-game dolby digital that rumbles the house coupled with the over the top visuals only seen on an HDTV. And the other games that could have been put out on a lesser system, like the original Xbox or Gamecube. A perfect example of this is the game Gun, a title that came out on multiple systems and does not take advantage of any of the 360’s power. Quite simply it is a port from a lesser system.

So where am I going with this, I thought this was a review for Blazing Angels? Well it is, I am just setting up the stage for what I want to talk about in the other pages of this review. Please continue.