Blast Works Review


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Title Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy
Publisher Majesco
Developer Budcat Creations
Release Date June 10th, 2008
Genre Action / Arcade
Platform Nintendo Wii
Rating Everyone

Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy is the Roller Coaster Tycoon of arcade gaming. This game allows you to create your own ship, playing levels, and even download the creations of others. For those who love to customize and create as well as play classic arcade games, Blast Works is a unique addition to your Wii collection.

The game itself is easy enough to manage. This 2D arcade shooter has been around since ancient gaming times and the basic idea hasn’t changed. Through fifteen different levels, your little baby ship must gun down bigger, better ships and collect pieces of their falling debris to add on to your ship. By collecting more and more pieces, your ship accumulates firing power and defenses. Be cautioned though, barrel-rolling through enemy fighters just may cause you to lose all of your additions, exposing your weak insides.

The Wii controls are well done, making this game intuitive even to six year olds. Because the controls are very tight, playing Blast Works is a breeze. Small additions like this have been overlooked by high profile games lately, but this is a game everyone can enjoy because it is so easy to pick up.

Blast Works boasts two single-player options: Campaign and Arcade. Playing through all fifteen levels can be a challenge, since most levels take 3-5 minutes to complete on average (longer if you’re a tool and hide in the corner during the boss battle). Both of these can be played as a multiplayer, but the multiplayer can end up being quite confusing as each player (up to four) creates a gigantic ship and it becomes impossible to tell who is who.