Black Friday relapse, Spike TV Awards


Black Friday Relapse, Spike TV Awards

Welcome to the Wrath of El Pato. The column that somehow can be…weekly?

So the Xbox 360 kicked ass during Black Friday. That’s surprising. A few months ago I said that the reason Sony was selling better than Microsoft simply was because everyone already had an Xbox. No one had a PS3, and if you look at the numbers, there is no way the PS3 is ever going to catch up.

So with that being said, I am very surprised about it. I felt that the 360 was already saturated in the market and now Microsoft was concentrating on the games. Well apparently a few people decided to invest in the cheaper console. This doesn’t really help Sony at all, as they have been at least making a half-ass attempt at digging themselves outta the hole they put themselves in.

Except I have no sympathy. Sony had a chance to kick ass and they BLEW IT! It’s obvious with the *sarcasim* wonderful economy that people simply don’t have 400 plus dollars to blow on a PS3. Sony could have taken the 40-gig hard drive unit and lowered the price.

Nah, that would make sense. What do they do? Bring out the  80-gig for the same price as the 40-gig. If nobody bought the higher priced system to begin with, and you are scrambling to bring the price down, then why in Zeus’s BUTTHOLE would you do that? Take the 40-gig unit and bring it to 250, or even bring it to 200 (gee there’s a novel idea). Sony’s marketing strategy just frustrates me. They HAVE the potential. But their high priced, system of crap just isn’t what people want. Now I do understand that they are taking it up the rear with every PS3 sold as the technology is pretty pricey, so in theory we are getting a good deal. But any analyst could have seen this coming. I said when it was announced, the PS3 would bomb. I said in countless articles what Sony needed to do. They need to step things up, take a loss, and go after Microsoft. Even having their console at 300 would have been decent. At least then there’s a gaming console we can F**king afford.

Same old Sony. *sigh*

So the Spike TV video game awards are coming? Boo. I have never been interested in Spike TV’s lame G4 hipster rip-off of awards. Every award show I’ve watched was obviously decided, put together, and craped on by corporate execs that have never played a video game before in their life. I’m sure everyone remembers the first one, where Jenna Jameson made every gamer just look like we were checking out eye candy, Madden-whatever year got some award followed by a horrible band playing onstage.

Come to think of it, that could be a good Wrath for next week.

I downloaded Super Street Fighter 2. And I need to get a joystick for my 360. I’m mentioning this in the wrath for everyone. DON’T PLAY THIS GAME WITH A XBOX CONTROLLER. The d-pad and analog stick are absolutely horrible. PS3 owners-lucky you. The 360 just sucks, I can’t pull anything off with this. My other complaint with the game is that Akuma is WAY too overpowered. I know, I know, that was how Super SF was, I think in this remix a little balancing between characters is in order. Other than that, the games worth a download for anyone who plays Street Fighter.

That’s really all I can think of mentioning. See you all next week for “The Spike TV Awards of Christmas Past: What won and what should have won”


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