Bikini at LAN Party?

How much attention do you think I’d get if I wore a bikini to the next LAN party?  lol…

Dude! LAN parties are frickin’ awesome. You should go! It’s in Marysville (dunno where you live) but you can always drop by and hang out with Alan!! Sometimes girls go, but I’d definitely say it is not a lucrative place to pick up chicks (and I’m married…haha.) Some of the girls there are pretty fugly or look so much like boys it’s hard to tell and you don’t want to ask….

Yes that’s true, and the DS is getting a lot of press now that it has gone sleeker and slimmer (ugh…that big old thing is irritating..). Also, a lot of good games (ex. Super Princess Peach, Super Mario Bros.) have come out lately for the DS. Not just for little kids anymore. And I guess I won’t be that angry if Twilight is pushed to the release of Revolution. I’ve always pretended I was Link slashing Ganon anyway, why not do it while actually playing the game!? I shouldn’t rag on Nintendo..I do really like those guys…. they’ve just produced a lot of crap lately and I’m tired of trying to blow up my Gamecube.

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