Best Man

AAAhhh.. lots of stuff going on. Today Steven and I went and bought best man and maid of honor presents (lol I have a best man and he has a maid of honor… it’s fun!). I can’t say what they are, because I’m afraid they might read this blog…. but they’re cool and I spent a long time trying to find them.

We finally found “Pictures at an Exhibition” by Mussorgsky… it was a piano piece that Maurice Ravel (you know, the Pavane for a Dead Princess guy, and the Bolero guy) made into a popular orchestra piece. Anyway, the upshot is that I didn’t want to walk down the aisle to frickin’ Mendellsohn (the typical wedding march) or Wagner (cause I don’t like to goose-step…) so I picked something different. Listed to it… it’s the Promenade… very nice!
We also went to Crate and Barrel to look at bedroom sets. Nothing says “this is my house” like a new bed, dresser, and night stands. However, we can’t really afford it right now. The lady was so nice… it’s great that with sales experience you can tell who sells a lot of sh*t. She was really helpful. However I think Crate and Barrel is out of my price range. tard
So this weekend… Friday I have a gig (wooot solo piano is $75 an hour!! So I’ll get probably $225 for the night) and Saturday is the LAN PARTY (which I will be an official member at this time!!), and then Father’s Day, and then no more teaching, and then fun hair and make-up, and then parties, and then WEDDING AND THEN HAWAII!!!!!! Sorry for the run-on sentence, I’m just extremely excited! WEEE!!!
I’m finishing Kingdom Hearts after taking a break after I wrote the review… wow… that game is long. However, it’s not like… 60 hours, really it’s only 25. I think they put that high number to scare the crap out of people….either that or they have ‘tards test them all the way through. They’re like “how do I get past the door… i can’t find the button…. drrrrrrr” Oh well, off to do the news!
I just wanted to say…. I GOT A 3.8 GPA THIS QUARTER MOTHER FR’S!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD I HAVE A 3.83 GPA THAT’S THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t mean to scream… this quarter was really frickin’ hard…. and I can’t believe I pulled that out of my butt……
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