Best Byte Blue Window Kit

Best Byte Blue Window Kit
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Best Byte Computers was kind enough to send over a blue window kit for me to review. By adding a window to your case you can show off your killer machine and impress all your friends. The kit comes with the following…
A blue rectangle plexiglass window, which measures approximately 12″ tall by 9.5″ wide.

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Double sided molding with locking strip
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A washer

And Instructions
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Now that we know what we get lets start installing! You will first want to decide where and how you want your window to be installed. I am going to install mine over the handle and 2 blowholes which I no longer use.
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I always outline where the window is going to be before I use the washer just incase I move the window by accident while outlining with the washer, doing this can save you a little frustration.
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After you have the first line drawn go ahead and get your washer, lay it on the case and press it up against the side of the window. Use a pencil and drawn around the window again which will give you a little space to accommodate the molding.
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You should now have 2 lines, with the outer most outline being equal all the way around from the inside line. After you have the outline of the window drawn with the washer we can now start cutting.
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