Behold the Orange Box

I downloaded “The Orange Box” via Steam and it’s totally awesome.

I’m working on a review, but it’s gonna take a while because there are 5 seperate games to review!  Two of the games I already owned (Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One), but not sure if they were updated to “Source 2.0”. 
The Valve rep told me it’s not officially called “Source 2.0” (they refer to it as just Source), but they’ve added multi-threading support and more rendering options (motion blur, HDR lighting, etc).  I thought there would be slower famerates because of the new engine, but Source is still probably the fastest engine out there.  It is insanely fast at 1600×1050 with everything turned on!
Team Fortress 2 is really insane, too!  I need to ramp up on my MMOFPS because I can’t last more than 30 seconds against good players… maybe I need to upgrade to a “real” gaming mouse.  Yeah, that’s it!  I don’t suck, I just don’t have professional equipment!
A full review is coming, hopefully this weekend… so stay tuned, true believers!
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