BAWLS Guaranna Taste Test!


Game all night

For some reason, gamers love energy drinks.  Ever since video games have become legitimized as an actual sport, gamers have been trying to enhance their performance with highly caffeinated concoctions… because, you can’t possibly break world records, achieve greatness, or nail the prom queen without some sort of chemical enhancement.  It worked (allegedgly) for the likes of Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire and Jason Giambi… and they’re famous record-holding sports legends, right?

For a while, Mountain Dew was (and still is to some degree) a staple among LAN parties, as it has a decent amount of caffeine to help gamers stay up all night, while having a pleasant, citrusy taste.

Over the past several years, beverage companies have been advertising “performance enhancing” drinks to the younger crowd as a better-tasting alternative to coffee.  Some of these drinks have also been “scientifically formulated” to assist your body motabilize its energy effects, provide minerals, and ease the inevitable caffeine “crash”.  These drinks are so successful that there are now a ton of different varieties to choose from, and each company’s marketing department will have you believe that theirs is the best.

Most energy drinks are targeted towards a general audience of Gen-Xers (and Y-ers), but Bawls is targeted specifically to gamers.  You may not have heard of Bawls, but they are now the de-facto standard energy drink at any LAN party.  Perhaps it is because of the high levels of caffeine, its unique taste, or its shapely bottle…

Or it could be the name:  Bawls.  No guy can resist walking into a room full of testosterone-soaked sweaty geeks and not make a reference about someone’s mother, their role in her sex life, and a set of Dewy Blue Bawls (the best jokes include all three).