Batman Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Mega Guide



Batman has entered Arkham Asylum, a facility that houses Gotham City’s most criminally insane. The Joker is up to no good once again, and it is your job to lead Batman through the most dangerous and explosive conditions he has ever seen. There is no help coming, and Batman must face the perils that lie within the walls of Arkham Asylum all alone… well, not really. Fortunately for Batman, you will have access to this complete walkthrough presented to you at the OCmodshop.

This guide will take you from the opening moments of this engrossing adventure all the way to its final credits. Once you’ve had a first run through under your belt, be sure to check out the comprehensive walkthrough that will help you pick off each of the Riddler’s 240 challenges .On top of that, I’ve thrown in a detailed Trophy/Achievement guide in there as well.

I know the excellent staff at OCmodshop will continue to add to their rich database of quality gaming content, and I am very happy to contribute to that with this little guide. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy this HTML enhanced version of my Batman: Arkham Asylum guide.
– ChaosDemon

Hey again, it’s ChaosDemon here, making his not so anticipated return to FAQing! I have returned for this very exciting installment of the Batman video game franchise from Eidos. I decided to come back for another walkthrough because I am currently in the final weeks of Summer holidays, so my schedule is considerably more open than it was during school.

As for the FAQ, you are going to find a complete walkthrough, of course. I also plan on documenting all of that Riddler nonsense, so hang on tight for that. Enough of introducing myself for now, let’s get onto the FAQ!

Game Basics

Default Controls
Action PS3 Xbox 360 PC*
Change Equipped Item D-Pad D-Pad scroll wheel
Movement Left Stick Left Stick WASD
Camera Right Stick Right Stick mouse
Aim Gadget L1 (hold) L1 (hold) right mouse (hold)
Use Gadget (when L1 is held) R1 R1 left mouse
Gadget attack (when L1 is held) R2 R2 Q
Detective Mode L2 (hold) L2 (hold) X
Counter Attack Triangle Y right click
Cape Stun Circle X E
Run/Action X A space
Melee Strike Square B left mouse
Quick Batarang Q
Zoom Z
Grapple F
Crouch Ctrl (CAPS to toggle)
Quick Batclaw C
Throw Shift + Left Mouse
Combat Takedown Shift + Right Mouse

*PC controls when using keyboard and mouse.  When using a gamepad, the Xbox 360 controls apply.

1. Combos & Countering
The name of the game is to build combos, and huge ones. Once you build up a combo of about 4 or 5, Batman will be much more dangerous in that he can jump across the room to punch somebody in the noggin if you direct him to. In order to keep your combos going, you must not get hit, you must not MISS, and you must not wait more than a second to attack your next target. This brings me to my next point. When a guard is about to strike Batman, there will be blue bolts on top of their heads. In order to not get your combo broken, you must counter their attack by hitting the counter button. Also, try not to spam your strike button unless you have a bunch of henchmen in a corner. Missing a strike is a really easy way to mess up your combo. Instead, identify someone you want to attack and actually target him.

In addition, you can also execute critical strikes. These are well timed attacks such that you hit an attacker before he is able to attack you. This is obviously another way to keep your combo going, and you’re mainly going to be doing this when the attacker isn’t close enough to for you to counter him to keep your combo going.

2. Quick Tips to Build Big Combos

  • Don’t just spam the strike button. If you make an attack at thin air, your combo is over.
  • Use the evade function to buy some time (Direction + Double Tap on Run Button).
  • Learn to anticipate. Ex: Hit one guy in front of you, hit the guy on the right, counter the guy from the left, and hit the guy in front of you guy again, because he’s up! Try to anticipate when the guys will be getting up from your attacks and strike them again to keep the combos going.
  • Once the combo counter turns yellow, Batman becomes a bit quicker and can jump all over the room. Nobody is too far as long as you direct him in the right direction.
  • Use the evade function to jump over the guys with the knives or electric Batons. Build up a combo of 8 and use a special attack on them. They cannot block this and it will keep your combo going.
  • Use the Ground Takedown attack sparingly. If you are trying to build a big combo, don’t use this. First, it KOs the guy instantly, so there’s one less target to build your combon on. Second, while you are doing the Ground Takedown animation, you are a sitting duck for anyone to come over and give you a nice haymaker, effectively breaking your combo in the process.

3. Breaking down the attacks
Aside from punch, punch, kick, kick, Batman also has an assortment of attacks to assist him. Here they are:

  • Ground Takedown: When an enemy is knocked down, but not out, you can stand over him and hold the crouch button + strike to land a big right hand to put the target out. This punch is similar to the one Wanderlei Silva landed on the ground to Keith Jardine to put him out completely.
  • Glide Kick: This will be available to Batman when he’s perched on top of a gargoyle vantage point. Once this is activated, Batman will swoop down and deliver a devastating kick to the targeted Henchman. Follow it with a Ground Takedown and you have a two-strike instant KO. This is attack very useful when faced with a room full of armed enemies.
  • Throw: Once upgraded, this will become available to Batman once he builds up a combo of 8. The throw will give you the opportunity to not only perform a powerful attack on the guy you’re throwing, but to also add to your combo by knocking down a few guys in the process. It is recommended that you use this on the “combo breakers” of the henchmen, such as the guys carrying knives or electric batons (you’ll run into them later), because it is not possible to block this attack.
  • Takedown: This is the same as the Throw. You have to upgrade it, and it can only be used when Batman builds up a combo of 8. Upon activation, Batman will perform an unblockable attack on the target and KO him instantly. You are also free of anyone interrupting you, so this is the best attack to use on those guys with the knives.
  • Corner Takedown: First, you need to crouch next to a corner and wait there. As an enemy approaches you, you can hit the Counter Button to jump out and silently takeout the target.
  • Ledge Takedown: This will require Batman to first stand next to a ledge and hold R2+Run Button to Climb Down. Then, just wait there and wait for a henchman to approach. Once he gets close enough, hit the Counter button to perform another silent takedown.

4. Critical Hit… It’s Super Effective!
No matter what, this needs to be the first upgrade that you get. A critical hit will give you credit for two strikes after landing one. It seems to happen more often when you hit an enemy before he gets his attack off. With this, you will obviously be able to build up your combos more quickly. I should also take this time to recommend what else you should upgrade. After Critical Hit, you should get a Special Attack (Takedown), followed by a Multi-Baterang. Everything else is pretty much up to you.

5. Enemies packing Heat
Some enemies are, you guessed it, packing heat. I don’t just mean guns. There are some enemies with knives, and even some with electric batons. These guys aren’t too particularly dangerous alone, but once they’re with a bunch of melee henchmen, they’re a lot more difficult. Not really that they can kill you too quickly, but they are pretty nasty combo breakers. I’d recommend trying to dispose of them first. For the guys with the knives, you’ll have to hit them with a Cape Stun and striking them. For the guys with the electric batons, you can either grapple hook them towards you (GET OVER HERE!) or jump over them (sprint towards him + X button) and getting to either the side or behind them. From here you can strike them. Any enemy with a weapon other than their fists or a pipe will have red bolts on top of their heads instead of blue when they are about to attack. You cannot counter these types of attacks.

6. Tactical Espionage Action
A good portion of the combat in Arkham Asylum also depends on your noggin. To me, these sequences are the best parts of the game. Because, well, anyone can fight through a wave of 20 melee attackers, but when you’re faced with a room of 8 guys armed with automatic weapons, then really an entire new combat system is introduced. In situations like this, you have, have to, take advantage of the vantage points (gargoyles). When you’re up there, you can evaluate the whole area and plan your attack without getting interrupted. Look for enemies that are wandering off by themselves. These lone enemies are absolutely the ones you need to attack (with the Glide Kick). As soon as you take one out, grapple back up to a vantage point. If you get spotted, quickly grapple from one statue to another until you lose them.

Alternatively, Batman also the option of performing a Silent Takedown attack. In order to pull this off, you have to crouch walk up to your target and once you get close hit the Counter button. This attack is essential in a room full of guys packing heat because you will be able to eliminate one of the bad guys without alerting the rest of the clowns. It is a good strategy to perform a Silent Takedown and quickly get back to your vantage point. This is because later in the game, the bad guys will know when one of their guys are down, even if they don’t see anything. They’ll come and check on him, leaving the checkers open for some attacks.

7. Use the gadgets
The Gadgets you come across in this game aren’t just for getting Batman around and helping you solve puzzles. Many of them are also pretty useful for combat. Try out each gadget in a fight and you might find something that fits your fighting style.


Note:  Walkthrough is written on the Normal difficulty.

This walkthrough is intended to aid you on your first playthrough. Let’s clear the game first before we find all of the Riddler Challenges. We’ll find the challenges that won’t take you too far off the path, but everything else will be left until after you’ve beaten the game. This is because not every single challenge is accessible until you are working with a full house of gadgets. If you are looking for Riddler help, go to the comprehensive walkthrough I’ve written for that.

  • How do I blow up a destructible wall?
  • How do I get through a Security Gate?
  • What can I do with a Security Control Panel?
  • How do I reach these vent doors that are out of reach?
  • How do I go across large gaps?
  • How do I get to the destructible walls that are way out of my reach?

All of these questions (and probably a few more) can be answered with the following:

You can’t (yet). Once you receive certain gadgets, you will know how to do all of the above, and more.

So, let’s get on with the walkthrough!