Batman Arkham Asylum Review


Holy Good Bat-Games!!!

As far as video games are concerned, Batman hasn’t been very lucky. With the exception of a great NES game based on the first Tim Burton movie, all efforts to make a game with Batman have been below average or just mediocre. It’s not for lack of trying, some games had you beating up hordes of goons while others had you using stealth gameplay to uncover the game. Unfortunately, none of it worked.

Developer Rocksteady decided to don the cape and cowl and try once again to recreate the Dark Knight’s world. Rather than do a straight up action game or stealth based game, Rocksteady decided to just throw everything together from games past. The end result is a game that lets you truly feel like Batman.

After a failed attempt on the mayor of Gotham’s life, Batman drives the Joker back to Arkham Asylum to be locked up again. Funny thing is, the Joker didn’t put up much of a fight-and that makes Bats uneasy. Within minutes the island is taken over by Joker with the assistance of Harley Quinn and Batman is left to put a stop to it.

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