Babes of PAX 2009


Babes of PAX 2009

Everyone is saying how PAX is the new E3.  PAX has grown so large over the past few years that the actually sold out of badges.  PAX is now so huge that there will be two events per year: at Boston in March and Seattle in August.  Many new vendors have signed up, including many PC hardware vendors.

So if PAX is bigger than E3, why were there so few booth babes?  Many of the ones that were there weren’t very impressive: in originality or hotness.

The one that returns every year is Jodi at the Pirates of the Burning Sea booth.  She always looks great in her piratey garb and is very friendly to everyone in the crowd.  Makes you wonder why her purse was stolen on the floor…

The girls of Tekken 6

Most of the “characters” weren’t official Booth Babes but PAXers in cosplay.

A lot of cosplay

The “Darkest of Days” booth had a nice babe dressed as a Roman during the Pompeii volcano explosion.

Jodi and Diana from the Pirates of the Burning Sea booth.

One nice lady from the “Dungeons and Dragons” booth had a huge 20-sided die, but wasn’t dressed in anything that was remotely related to D&D.

Fantasy dames: Darkest of Days and D&D.

Two of the nicer costumes were at the Aeria games booth.  The blonde model resembles Paris Hilton, and could almost impersonate her.

The Tekken 6 booth tried hard, showing off several Asian teens dressed as the characters in the game, but they just weren’t attractive enough for effective Booth Babes.

Some of the “models” really were but-ass ugly.  One in particular had severe acne scars and looked like she lived a hard life.

A Cross-eyed girl and a burn victim? Seriously?

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Many of the people at PAX are men, but since there is a large casual game market, some booth babes were actually men.  The DragonAge guy was rather hunky, and Trisha just had to have her photo taken with him.

OCmodshop’s own Trisha with the DragonAge Guy and Master Chief

Some of the girls didn’t have costumes, but were very pretty and certainly drew the males to their booths.  The Paragrine USB glove girl was quite cute.

Some of the booth babes were actually cute.

I know I’m going to get a lot of hate mail for being misogynistic, but you must remember that companies use Booth Babes as an effective marketing tool.  If companies aren’t going to use this aspect of promotion effectively, then they shouldn’t do it at all… which is the path that some took.

Joanna Dark and Abbie Heppe of G4 taking a breather

Of course, one of the bigger female draws were from G4.  Morgan Webb was on the show floor, but always had bodyguards with her.  An up and comer at G4 is Abbie Heppe, who is not only very attractive but also friendly and approachable.  Abbie will soon be thrust into a bigger celebrity spotlight, which she rightly deserves as an excellent gaming journalist.

Overall I’d say that the Booth Babe score for PAX 09 a below average score of “D”.

Next, you can see more of the babe pix we snapped…