Axed a Student

I axed a student today. Now here’s something controversial for our site: He wants to learn to play video game music. No problem, I said, because I love video game music. The problem is, it is either way too hard to play or too easy. There is no inbetween, therefore it doesn’t make a good teaching tool. Well, he’s been learning some classical music so that he can have a solid background before he attempts the new stuff…. SO THEY HIRED ANOTHER TEACHER!!!! AT THE SAME TIME AS ME!!! Oh f*ck I about screamed at his mom….. idiots. Two teachers ALWAYS conflict at the beginning stages because they never agree with each other about what is best for the student. Needless to say I let the kid go… I gave them an ultimatum and told them it isn’t possible for me to continue teaching him as he isn’t making progress right now anyway. Stupids…..

I just got done lambasting them. I’m so irritated I feel like all my hair is bristled like a cat. GRRRRRR!!!!
I had pretty much no school today. Which was fine, but I didn’t know about it. So I went to all three classes to have each teacher say “yah, we’re pretty much doing nothing today. Class dismissed.” Why didn’t they say that earlier!?
I’m confused about which way to go in my nursing career. I spent a year and a half at UW which was a complete waste of time…but now at Highline I feel like I’m starting over. I don’t know if I want an AS or AA, but I definitely know I want to be a nurse. Another irritating thing is that registration has started recently, but I don’t get to register till the 24th. Yah, good luck getting the classes I need. Sarcastic hooray…
I’m thinking about a subscription to “Gamefly”, anyone have an opinion?
Tonight I get to bum around, I’m so excited. It’s nice not to have to do ANYTHING.
Oh and I hate stupid drivers on their cell phones. Free right turn….idiots!
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