Awesome GeForce GTX 670 Reviews May 11, 2012


There are a lot of new NVIDIA GeForce GTS 670 video card reviews today.  I’ve been using NVIDIA cards ever since they came out with the NV1  in the mid-ninties, and the company was known as nVidia.  I really can’t get used to the idea that the company is now IN ALL CAPS.  Perhaps they want to shout their name out to the world, so they have to resort to the only way to get that across in text format.  Normally when people type with the caps-lock on they are seen as not that computer-savvy.  Perhaps the PR guys at nVidia accidentally had their caps lock on and the new name stuck.

I mess with the capitalization of OCMS all the time.  I try to separate the Overclock part from the modshop part, but capitalizing every word makes things run together.  We used to be OCmodshop, but that looks confusing.  I also tried [OC]ModShop, but that is not very friendly with SEO.  Which is why I’ve settled on OCmodshop, which I think works best.

Regardless, here is the tech news, with the new “NVIDIA” cards

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Reviews

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