Auditing Annoying Adverts

I try to police super-annoying ads, and have even given some ad agencies the boot because their ads turn people away.

Most people come here for the product reviews to make a decision on whether or not to buy something.  I think it’s more convienint to see real-time pricing on these products you’re already looking at.  Alot of the product ads are highly focused on the current topic.
I see the reason for AdBlock, and there are many many arguments to be made for and against its use.  I see the need to block popups, and ads that take over the browser, but inline banner ads?  The only real argument is that people with dialup have limited bandwidth, and cannot easily browse a site with excessive ads. 
The ads on OCMS are rather small in size, and are not obtrusively placed (and most actually load AFTER the main content is displayed).  In one aspect they can actually  increase the readability and usability of articles.  It is very easy to lose your place in a text-heavy site, and breaking the article up with ads and images adds a “visual bookmark” in addition to making the article look not-so-daunting.
Another reason I block AdBlock is because it can actually interefere with browsing the site!  I was testing out an IE adblocker and just having it installed broke several online apps!
“Not wanting to come back” is a risk I face when choosing to protect my content.  The fact of the matter is I have to pay a LOT of money just to keep the site running, and if I don’t get money to pay the bills then the site goes down.  The only alternative is to turn OCMS into a subscription-only site. 
This is my job, just like you have a job.  If your employer came in and said “I don’t feel like paying you today” would you work for free?  I wouldn’t either.  If you were selling something and your customers said “I don’t want to pay you” would you give the product away?  The vendors and advertisers flip the bill so the site remains free to you.
I have plans to offer more services as we become more successful, in the ways of downloads, game servers, and other things that eat up alot of costly bandwidth
I don’t feel like the ads are excessive or obtrusive.  I get fed up with magazines that have more ads than there are articles.  Why should I pay for a magazine when they apparently get enough money from sponsors?  They should give away the magazine for free, and get their money from sponsors.  This is what I do… I provide good quality content and don’t charge you a single penny for it… and I do it without inundating you with excessive ads.
Most “free” sites get their money from advertising.  If there were no ads, then there would be no sites on the internet.  I’m not sitting on a gold-plated toilet or anything, and I have a day-job just like you do.  The money made goes to keeping the site up.
The problem is the webmasters that use excessive ads, which make people want to use an ad blocker, and give good sites with quality content a bad name.  My hope is that the more popular AdBlock gets, then webmasters will wise up and stop using excessive or obtrusive ads.
The irony of using an ad blocker is that if EVERYONE used it then most “free” websites would go down, and then there would be no websites to browse. 
Alan is a web architect, stand-up comedian, and your friendly neighborhood Grammar Nazi. You can stalk him on the Interwebs via Google+, Facebook and follow his ass on Twitter @ocmodshop.