Athena Power SNT-2312B2 HDD Enclosure Review



In today’s world, people need to carry their data with them wherever they go. Memory sticks and USB drives are fine for small files, but transporting large amounts of data from work to home is impractical. An external portable hard drive can be just the thing to lug alot of data between home and the office, and can also be used as expanded storage for laptop users.

Using an external hard drive enclosure makes it possible to transform a normal 3.5″ internal hard drive into a portable data expansion. These can be used on any computer with USB. Athena Power’s SNT-2312B2 external 3.5″ enclosure hopes to wrap its aluminum arms around your hard drive’s bits and bytes for your data expansion needs.

Manufacturer’s specs:
Type 3.5″HDD External Enclosure
Interface IDE (Support ATA133/100/66) to USB2.0
Data transfer rate Up to 480 Mbps
Material Aluminum
Operation System Win98SE/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.0 or higher
Power Supply AC INPUT: 100~240V, 0.6A DC OUTPUT 12V 1.7A
Dimension 215(L)*123(W)*36(H) mm
Price $55.99

A Closer Look

The ST-2312B2 enclosure comes enclosed in plastic with a printed cardboard backing. The enclosure is prominently displayed through the clear plastic, and the power supply and USB cable are tucked underneath the enclosure. Tucked inside the enclosure itself are the four installation screws, a user guide and a driver disk (for Windows 98 users).

The enclosure has a silver aluminum body that has been textured to shimmer more light, with smoked acrylic end caps. The actylic looks like it can easily crack or scratch, but is actually pretty rugged. There are 4 rubber pads on the bottom of the enclosure for stability.

There are no rubber pads for the sides, so this drive is intended to be laid flat on your desk. There are no cutouts or holes to dissipate heat, and there’s no fan to be found, either. The rear of the enclosure houses the power switch and connector, and a USB 2.0 port. There are also two screws here that secure the drive tray within the enclosure.