Assassin’s Creed Complete Walkthrough


Starter Tips

  • Use your moves – you get counter kill, quick kills, and grabs, so use them in fights. At the very least, holding down the guard button will deflect  attacks. And when you gain more ranks, be sure to apply the new abilities to  combat ASAP; abilities like grab break and dodge will help in all fights.
  • Finish the fight – this is for certain counter kill animations in which you do not kill someone. There are three types of animations: kill, punch, and contact sensitive. You can’t affect the punch ones, but if you ever see that Altair is punching a guy and for a split second that guy is crouched over in front of you while the animation doesn’t look quite done, that is your cue to press the attack button and finish the dude off.
  • Use the markers – you first need to know that you have a map, then you need to learn how to set markers so that you can easily use the minimap while playing  to locate objectives.
  • Yes, you can kill like in the trailer – if you recall, the trailers for this game showed Altair running and then leaping for an assassination. You can do that too. Just run (sprint or normal) and then press the attack button when  close. But for this to work, such as for save citizens and clearing rooftops,  you need to constantly make sure your hidden blade is equipped.
  • Know the class of your enemy – usually there are normal grunts and then a few higher ups. The stronger guys will have more moves and be smarter, so start  with the grunts and then handle the big guys last.
  • Leap with some faith – it’s something I know someone won’t quite catch while playing. Once you claim a view point, be sure to jump in the direction (usually the front of the beam) of a haypile below.
  • There is always a way – if you find yourself climbing up a building and you hit a spot where you can’t continue, the chances are there is a way up, you just need to find it. Rarely will you be climbing and have no way of keeping it up.
  • Mind your actions – this usually means one thing: gently push. Yes, while in crowds if you just hold that button down you will probably never be spotted by the guards, because you will be socially acceptable and you don’t hit anyone  carrying something. Jar and crate carriers will blow your cover, so don’t be mean. Anyone else will, so just be nice to the citizens.
  • Kingdom go – when quickly needed to cross through the Kingdom, just gallop by all the soldiers; no sense in stopping unless you need to.
  • Save side quests for later, or keep notes – to be honest, doing this guide and having to document every flag and Templar I ran into helped me know what I  already had. My advice to you is to save all the flags and Templars for one  solid effort, or keep track as you go along, or have a really good memory.
  • Pause to check your progress – the pause menu has some double-helixes with bars that represent your progress. There are ten bars to each helix: 6 for the investigations (the white ones), 2 for the assassination, one for saving all the citizens of a district, and one for getting all the view points. Each heilx goes with one district, and I don’t believe they carry over.
  • Complete all objectives, just because – not only for completing your memories, but also because they add up toward adding a block of health to your sync bar. And more health means you can be more reckless.
  • Know when it saves – since the game uses autosaves, you can either do an objective, find some flag, or visit a bureau and get out.

It’s best to read ahead if you want a better sense of what is to happen. I try not to spoil anything, well except for the very first part, but it shouldn’t  be a problem.

Just remember to use your map as an even more powerful alley than I.