Asetek WaterChill Kit Review



Today I’m going to be reviewing the Asetek Waterchill kit from, you guessed it, Asetek Inc. This is the full package with a nice Hydor L30 pump, a heatercore-style radiator, a sturdy acrylic reservoir, CPU, GPU, and Chipset waterblocks. I’m sure any hardcore techie has heard of this company by now. They first gained fame with their Vapochill cooling system, a phase-change cooler for your PC (if this makes

no sense to you, it’s basically a refrigerator condensed down into a heatsink).  The Vapochill still remains at the top of the pack when it comes to extreme cooling, but its high price and potential need to insulate your components against condensation have kept the masses away. The Waterchill is Asetek’s way of becoming a bit more mainstream, and they’ve designed this kit with ease of use in mind. Do they manage to simplify things and maintain top cooling performance? Read on to find out!