Artix Entertainment’s DragonFable Mini-Movie Online and on the March

(Sunnyvale, CA – October 27, 2006) – Artix Entertainment has made use of their mastery of Macromedia Flash animation and created a new three minute Flash video mini-movie that matches the mood of the season:

Doomwood: The name of this evil place screams terror and fear into the ears of anyone unfortunate enough to hear of it. An army of the undead from Doomwood has emerged and threatens all who stand up against them. However, standing in their way is a sturdy Paladin by the name of Artix Krieger, a fellow with a gift of making the undead…well, dead again. Visit the official DragonFable website,, to see just how well this Paladin does in putting the undead in their place!

This brand-new video follows hot on the heels of the news that DragonFable has just achieved two million registered accounts.

DragonFable is an online free-to-play online Flash-based role-playing game including evolving epic story-telling and action – and of course, dragons. To find out more about DragonFable, how to register and more, visit the official website at

About Artix Entertainment, L.L.C.:
Artix Entertainment, LLC is a privately held game development studio with a track record of producing Macromedia Flash games, with a distinctive visual style and high-quality game play, including. The Land O’Lakes, Florida-based game company was founded by Adam Bohn in 2003.

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