Archives Section Improved (Yet Again)

The archives section has been improved yet again!

Now all news archives are displayed by section, and there are navigation links at the top of each section so you can easily jump between them.
In the future, I will incoporate the OCMS Announcements into the list (so there is only ONE archives link for both OCMS news AND web news), and improve the navigation by letting you select which news categories you want to see.  After that, I’ll work on displaying the news within a user-specified time frame (with a start and end date, possibly with a calendar control).
I have to fight with the old CMS, so I either have to program around this, or import all the news from the old CMS into the new one (teditious, but probably the cleanest solution).
I also fixed the main navigation bar (it was going to “news.archives.asp” instead of “news/archives.asp”).
So, here is the improved archives link…
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