Apache as a Web Server

You know, just a comment … IMHO, if you know how to edit a config file at all you’re better with Apache. It’s nice and clean and lets you change everything with a config and a server reboot.

IIS is still a little on the big side for people doing basic webserving in anything but a test or loopback enviroment. Too many features enabled out of the box. Plus, if you throw advanced features onto your server, they usually cost money (e.g. Andrew’s dotNetBB). Not to knock Andrew or his forums, on the contrary I find that at least the design and functionality is better than phpBB and on par (in some ways better, in some ways worse) than vBulletin and other more industrial strength forums (I havn’t seen the underlying code so I can’t comment on that), but phpBB is, indeed, free in the freestest sense of the word, that of course being GPL.