Antec P180 Case Review


Your case is cooler than you

Cases say an awful lot about you as a computer user. Those out there with the clear sides and all that electric blue lighting seem to send out that “I know what I’m doing when I work on my computer, now leave me alone because I’m busy researching worm holes and quantum physics”. Others who posess a newer, colored case leave people thinking that they are concerned about what’s under the hood, two gigs of RAM, a screaming fast graphics card and a hot anime babe as the screen saver. And still there’s the people who still own a plain jane beige tower, quietly hopping online and remaining all aloof about that burgeoning mastercard bill from HAWT/

But now for all the different cases out there our friends at Antec have released what I am describing as a really cool case. Featuring three built in fans, a locking front door and all sorts of other goodies (that I’ll describe later), the P180B has now replaced my beige case and hopefully will help me get a hold on my burgeoning mastercard bill.