Antec Lanboy Case Review



Antec has long been a great manufacturer of high quality cases, their most popular style is probably the Performance Plus660AMG style of case. This case is called the LANBOY which is a mini tower case with a side window, it comes with a 350 True Blue ATX12V power supply and looks really nice. This case seems to have a lot to offer to someone who wants a case that will work well for LAN parties or just something a little smaller with the Antec touch.

The case comes packed in the nice glossy box with lots of pictures on it just like the last case I reviewed had from Antec. I really like that the box looks really nice because most case boxes are just plain white or brown which isn’t a big deal but it shows that Antec took the time to design a nice box and should have done the same with the case.

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The front of the case is really nice looking and has the traditional Antec door which has a case badge spot right in the middle. You can also see from the pictures there is a power LED and 3 hard drive LEDs which is a really cool feature. right below the LEDs are two front USB ports which is really nice so you don’t have to reach around to the back of the case to plug your USB in. When you open the door there are four 5.25″ drive bays and 2 3.5″ bays which are exposed along with the power and reset button.

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The back of the case has a place for one 80mm fan, which is good to take the hot air out of the case. Right above that exhaust cutout you can see the power supply which we will take a look at later. At the bottom of the case you can see that there is a little container, which holds the screws and hardware included with the case. I really like this feature especially with this case being designed to travel because you will always have extra hardware that you might need. One last thing about the back of the case that is nice is the fact that it comes with two thumbscrews which are always nice.

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The side of the case has a preinstalled window which is pretty large and runs around most of the door. The window is attached to the case by some plastic rivets which hold it into place pretty well. Both the front and back of the window are protected by a piece of plastic which kept it from being scratched during shipping and setup. The side of the door also has a handle which is nice because it will help you remove the door panel very easily.

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