Another new year… and I'm sick.

Another new year… and I’m sick. Great. Sinusey crap. I’ve cancelled lessons the past two days, which really sucks….. and I’ve had to cancel a whole bunch of make-up lessons. Blargh.

John Dymond is coming over today to fix our computer and generally hang out. He has a really cute son. I adopted him through the 30 cents a day program… you know, the one where you get the brochures and stuff? lol, kidding. But I do make excuses to buy him clothes all the time.
Why must credit cards tempt me with higher and higher limits? I just want to spend money on stuff I really can’t afford! Gah.
School starts in one week. I’m sad because my friend at Gamestop is quitting because school is starting again. I wish I could quit sometimes…. minimum wage sure licks ass.
I’m sick of the gender stereotypes in children’s clothes departments. The shirts have nothing but dinosaurs, trains, army propoganda, trucks, and john deere tractors. Why can’t they have like the beatles, star wars, star trek, or something cool that doesn’t make a statement about how “cool” and “manly” boy babies are? And don’t think the girl’s department is much better…. princess, disney….. gah! We can’t just get regular clothes around here. Pisses me off.
Time to go mope some more about being sick. Oh yah, and John Madden is a huge a**hole I’ve decided. Listening to his commentary about the Seahawks pisses me off.
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