Another Angry Letter about Uwe Boll

Here’s another angry letter I received:

From: John-Paul Kelly
Sent: Sat 8/25/2007 4:08 PM
To: Alan McCloskey
Subject: Are you kidding me!?
I just got done reading your coverage of the Uwe Boll interview, and frankly, I am absolutely disgusted by the article. I’m not sure if you have ever had the unfortunate experience of sitting through an Uwe Boll film, seeing as how you chastise the audience for their comments, it would seem you haven’t.  Your complete lack of journalistic objectivity throughout the article left me with a sour taste in my mouth, so much so that I thought I would write you an e-mail, something I never do. The whole thing smacks as though you were paid by him to defend him. Uwe Boll is a cancer, he is the reason why better video games don’t get adapted by more competent people, and his funding (if you did some research) to produce his movie is full of all sorts shady backhanded tax credits. It is obvious Mr. Boll has no talent, nor is he an intelligent man, or a funny man at that. He is a waste of flesh, and the fact that you spent so much time sucking his c*ck (explitive edited, Alan) in this article is absolutely mind numbing. I can only hope that Mr. Boll dies in an accident befitting of the karma that he has accrued, and that you will stay as far away from another article as possible. I am surprised your editor even allowed this to run. You have undermined the entire integrity of your website with such bullsh*t. Good job.
Here’s my answer:
Thank you for you comment (and I genuinely mean that despite the insults).
I am the Managing Editor for OCModShop, so I approved the article. 
I know all about Uwe Bolls underhanded funding, his brawls and fistfights with critics, and that he kicks puppies and steals the tennis balls from old ladies’ walkers. 

I did struggle a bit with adding some “editorial” parts to the piece, (i.e. my opinion) that Mr. Bolls did not deserve the treatment he received.  The answers given to the questions posed were his own, not mine. 
This was an opportunity for people to really get the answers as to why he continues to make movies, or the thought behind the choices he makes, but instead people chose to depict his death in horrifying ways.  Nearly all of the “questions” were comments on how he sucks and needs to die. 

By, the way, I didn’t suck his c*ck.  ;)  I did know, however, based on the audience’s reaction, that this controvertial topic would make for a great article.  Like it or hate it, people read it.


There is a thread started in the forums about this topic here.  Feel free to add your own comments.
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