AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 Review



The FX-60 is AMD’s newest and most powerful desktop dual core processor solution. This chip is based on the Toledo core and runs at an impressive 2.6GHz with a 13x unlocked multiplier and 200MHz HTT speed. This is the fastest production AMD dual core processor available, and is a pretty impressive piece of hardware with an equally impressive price tag.

In general, a dual-core processor does not benefit the hardcore gamer, as most PC games are not optimized for multi-threaded processing. However, both ATI and nVidia have released drivers supporting dual-core processors (driver version 81.97), which provide a noticeable performance improvement in most games. The hardcore PC enthusiast now has a no-compromise solution for games and applications. Because the working frequency of this new FX is 200Mhz lower than its single-core brother (the FX-57), it may not perform as well with workloads that are not multi-threaded. It is 200Mhz faster than the fastest single-core X2 4800+, which runs at 2.4GHz.

The only thing stopping the hardware enthusiast from purchasing it is the fact that the AM2 will be released and shift to DDR2 some time around the middle of 2006, this is subject to change.

The Athlon 64 FX-60 is based on the Toledo core, which is a unique dual-core chip, being the first FX with multiple cores. Its base speed is 2.6Ghz (derived from its default 13x multiplier), which is the same frequency of the popular single-core FX-55.

The main feature of the FX line of processors is that the clock multiplier is completely unlocked, which allows for easy overclocking. You can easily run this processor at 2.8GHz by increasing its stock 13x multiplier to 14x. It is based on a 90 nanometer technology and has 233.2 million transistor, covering 199 square millimeters. Each core has 1MB of L2 cache onboard (for a total of 2MB). All these specifications can get confusing, so let’s lay everything out and compare what has changed and what remains the same.