AMD and Intel Trump Each Other

 go back and forth with which architecture to use as AMD and Intel trump each other.

I was hard-core Pentium until the Athlon XPs came out and I just could not resist the price point. I eventually upgraded to Athlon 64, but would only use nVidia chipsets (I stay away from VIA and SiS on with either CPU).

While nVidia chipsets had alot of features and performance, the test of time has shown that many of my nForce-4 based motherboards have all died. My old Pentium4 2.8Ghz HT (with Intel chipset) is still older than all of them and ist still running like a champ.

It appears that while the Athlon 64 are good chips, 3rd party motherboard chipsets were bad. I’ve had FOUR nForce-4 motherboards die or parts fail (even from reputable name brands).

In my book, if you’re going to use an Intel CPU, only use Intel chipsets. Period.

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