All women need love

Of course; all women need love. And I don’t care if it’s fat women or not, but I can’t stand those that think they’re worthy of more attention than everyone else out there. Grrrr.

Worked a lot today… I taught in the morning (for 2.5 hours) and then worked at TJs (for 9 hours). I’m tired right now…
I have a paper due tomorrow, and sadly, it hasn’t even been started. I’m sad that I’m a procrastinator, but I’m SO TIRED of this dumb class, and I’m not really willing to put any effort into it. Plus, not to be smug, but unfortunately my procrastinating has always paid off with a high grade, so it has been reinforced. In fact, all papers that I have waited till the last minute to do have received at least a 3.6 grade or higher, generally a 4.0. Not saying I’m a smarty, I’m just saying that I guess in my history it has proven to be more beneficial to wait.
Lots of snow yesterday; and loads of toolboxes driving out there in it. This morning was crazy trying to get to my student’s houses, and the slush made crawling around the hills difficult. Dennis had 5 inches of snow at his house until around 5pm today when it began raining.
Let’s hope tonight and tomorrow don’t bring power outages; I really need my students to pay their tuition so I can make rent.

Poor Dennis couldn’t make it over here from Poulsbo today; they closed many of the major highways due to flooding. Apparently there were submerged cars… nice!

Luckily I got to teach though, so I will make rent. Ahhh what a good feeling.

Yet another positive reinforcement for my procrastination… After I turned in this bullsh*t assignment that took me 20 minutes to write, I got 100% and a “nice job”. Lol. Needless to say I just finished my other paper. 8 pages, 4 hours, and 2K words later….

I’m pissed about the end of the quarter. I want it to be frickin’ over. I’m just done. That’s all. Okay, time to go get my hick on….

Lol, a TV period is when you get pissed and grouchy and sulk into your couch while swinging the remote around to ward off any annoying spouses, children, pets, whatever. The episode can last 5-7 days, with some days being worse than others. Also, you have to wear your old nasty granny panties.

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