Alice: Madness Returns Review


When the original American McGee’s Alicewas released back in October of 2000, gamers were introduced to a completely new and horrifying concepts of the Wonderland inside a human mind. With the graphics having changed for the better, the plot of the intriguing and twisted Wonderland can now unwind further.

To complement an already outstanding game, the sequel Alice: Madness Returns was released on June 14, 2011. Today, we will take a closer look at this continuation and see whether it is truly worth the price. The retail price is currently $49.99 on Origin, but could be cheaper with special promotions.

Falling back on the basic concept introduced in American McGee’s Alice, the Wonderland’s state is highly dependent upon well-being of Alice. Traumatized by the fire that  orphaned her at an early age, Alice has had a tough time coping with the tragedy. No matter how hard she tried to forget, the inability to remember has thrust her into madness. Recurrent hallucinations induced by a constant stress from the harsh real world have not only changed Alice, but also directly impacted Wonderland. Under the burden of corruption and a new foe, Wonderland is bound to crumble into ruins. To save Wonderland, Alice will have to save herself, and “while the disease is apparent only time will show it’s symptoms and it’s cure”.

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