Air PlayIt Streaming iPhone App Review


Like many other people, I have a myriad of video file formats littering my hard drive. You know, as an iPhone or iPad user, it is really inconvenient to transfer an audio or video file from PC/Mac in order to listen to or watch it on the iOS device. If the media files are not in suitable formats, one has to convert them before transferring which is a bigger headache. This is where the video streaming app, like Air Playit, comes to the rescue. So now you can imagine my surprise and glad I am when come across an application that plays a vast array of video formats. And it is absolutely free, making it meaningful and worthwhile to share with all the others.

Air PlayIt is a free app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch which you to stream video and audio libraries to the devices via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks. You will be able to stream music & movies right from your PC or Mac to your mobile devices. You are not required to worry about any conversion processes as the application is capable of live converting the files! The app offers access to video and music collections stored on both yours and your friends’ computers on the go, even miles away from where you live!

Air Playit consists of two parts: Air Playit server (Windows & Mac edition) and App client (iPhone & iPad version). The server runs on computer, acting as a part of personal cloud which can be authorized according to your demand; the app client runs on iPhone or iPad where you can enjoy movies and music on fly.

Taking streaming video to iPad as a user guide, let’s get it started and see how it works:

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to Internet, and Air Playit server is on.
  2. Click “Shared Folders” and choose “Add Folder” to get the video you want ready for streaming. You could also import iTunes playlist.
  3. Launch Air Playit client on iPad. It will detect the local server automatically, if it doesn’t, you have to add remote server manually by specifying IP address.
  4. Find the video in shared folder and click “Play” directly. You can also add it to offline conversion task and download for playback when you cannot access to any network.

 Air PlayIt Screenshot

What I liked:

  1. I could use this app to remote view all media from my PC back home while I am outside.
  2. Support almost all video formats for playback on iOS devices.
  3. Stream videos via selectable networks – local WiFi, remote WiFi, 3G or 4G.

What I didn’t like:

This app does not support stream pictures and it seems not stable enough.

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