AGP Airlift Video Card Cooler Review


HighSpeed PC has designed a new video card cooling solution, it is called the AGP Air Lift. If you have ever monitored the core temperature on your video card you know that it can get pretty hot, especially if you are overclocking. This device cools the core of the video card by sucking air off the top of the card and away from it. Because of the positioning of the Air Lift on the video card it will also push more air over your CPU heatsink, this should prove to lower temperatures there as well.

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The design of this product is very simple, it is made of a plastic shroud which has an 80mm base and a 60mm hole for the fan. The bottom of the unit has 4-rubber feet.

The fan on this AGP Air lift is a YS Tech 60mm with a 3 pin plug so that you can plug it into a motherboard header and monitor the RPM, the fan has the following specs.

  • 27 CFM
  • 35 dBA
  • 4200 RPM

Installation of the Air Lift is simple, I don’t even know if you can call it an instillation. All you have to do is plug the fan into a motherboard header and place it on top of your video card over the core. I am in the process of building a test bed so the inside is a little messy and I don’t have all the parts yet. As you can see it sits on top of the card right under the CPU so it will be blowing some more air across it.

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Test Bed

To get the idle temperatures I booted up the computer and let it idle for 20 minutes, I had a thermal probe on the back of the card right on top of the core. As you can see the Air Lift does its job, and does it well. There is a 6.5 degree (Celsius) drop in temperature while using the Air Lift.

To get the load temperatures I ran 3DMark2001SE and used the probe again to take readings. The Air Lift continues to keep the core cool, while using the Air Lift the core temperature is 8.5 degrees (Celsius) lower than without the Air Lift.

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Like I said before because of the positioning of the Air Lift it might work to the benefit of the CPU as well. To find out I took readings of the CPU temperature with and without the Air Lift, as you can see there was 3 degree (Celsius) drop in the idle temperature.

Another cool thing about this Air lift that I found is that if you want you can also use it as a 80mm to 60mm adapter for a heatsink. As you can see all you need to do is take the fan off, screw it onto your heatsink, remove the feet and attach the 80mm fan. I did not remove the feet because I still want to use it as an Air Lift not an adapter.


To be honest at first I was quite skeptical about this AGP Air Lift, I didn’t think that it would even work. After finishing this review and seeing the awesome results this Air Lift kicked out I must say that this is a great product. Not only does it do a great job cooling the core of the video card it also cools down the CPU. Also if you decide you need a 80mm to 60mm fan adapter for your heatsink you can always use this. This is a really cool product and for a price of $16.99 you really cant go wrong. If you are looking for good cooling solution for your video card with an added bonus of cooling your CPU I would suggest this AGP Air Lift to you. I would like to thank Scott from HighSpeed PC for sending this over for me to review, head on over and pick one up.


  • Works great!
  • Great price ($16.99)
  • Cools both the video card and CPU
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Can also be used as a heatsink fan adapter
  • Able to monitor RPMs


  • Little loud
Brandon Turnbull is a technology enthusiast living in southern California. He has written numerous articles and tutorials about PC overclocking and modification.