AGF Precision HSD iPhone Case Review


A different way to carry your iPhone

Different people have different tastes. Some people like PCs and some like Macs. Some like pie, and some people like cake. Pi or Phi.

The same is true with how people prefer to carry their iPhone with them. Some people prefer to keep the device in their pocket, while others prefer to keep their phone naked but use a hip holster. For the holster people, there are only a few choices, but one of them is the AGF Precision HSD iPhone Case.

  • New patented innovative carry solution for additional safety and security
  • Engineered hinge to enhance use and durability
  • Does not latch directly to the phone
  • iPhone can be carried face-in or face-out
  • Protects both sides of phone, extra durability and style
  • Easy to open door to view calls or phone status
  • Patented AGF long-life 180 degree swivel belt clip

The AGF HSD holster is rather simple. It is constructed of solid thick plastic, and has an anti-scratch inner lining to protect the delicate iPhone. On the front of the case is a vinylette-type black coating with a pattern that looks similar to carbon fiber. The top latch is designed to give you access to the headphone jack and suspend button. The hinge area of the case is notched so as to not block the microphone and speaker on the bottom of your iPhone when it is inside the case. The back of the case features a belt clip that can be oriented in several positions, but it doesn’t swivel a full 360 degrees. The clip is notched in 7 positions that allow you to put your phone approximately at 0, 30, 70, 90, 120, 160 and 180 degrees… but most people will just want to keep it perpendicular or parallel to their belt (0 or 90 degrees).

The top of the case has a clip that holds the front face. It only takes a slight press on the lever to unlock the case. This could be disastrous for those who like their phones parallel to their belt line… as accidentally unlocking the case would allow the grip of gravity to mercilessly transform your phone into a pile of glass splinters.

Inserting the iPhone into this case is pretty easy. Just unlock the latch, and open the hinge as far as it will go (about 30 degrees). Then just slip the phone in and close the face, at which point the clip automatically locks. Retrieving your phone is just as simple, just do these steps in reverse… but make sure you have a good grip on the phone.

Once the iPhone is in the case, it isn’t a completely secure fit. The phone rattles slightly, which I’m not exactly sure how to feel about. On one hand, the phone isn’t putting pressure on the latch, which could cause it to pop open unexpectedly. This extra space also allows room any protective skin on your phone. On the other hand, it just doesn’t feel as secure as it could.

Even though the latch looks precarious, you can’t really force it open without unlatching it properly. Pulling on the door with a decent amount of force will not pry it apart, but a gentle press on the lever will do the job.

The anti-scratch interior does an effective job at keeping dust off your phone and doesn’t seem to transfer fingerprints or face oil. The case opens smoothly without snags and you have access to all of your buttons (except the home button).

The AGF Precision HSD iPhone case seems like a decent product, but I would strongly recommend additional protection for your iPhone to help with accidental droppage. It doesn’t take long to find someone with a few iPhone smashing horror stories. While this case will keep the phone out of your pocket (reducing the possibility of pulling it out with your keys) it adds an element of potential disaster if it accidentally falls out while retrieving.

The case is a nice design and made with good materials, but is priced almost exactly the same as many other iPhone cases at an RSPR of $34.95. For about the same amount of money you can get an Otterbox Defender iPhone case (check best prices here), which not only comes with a hip holster, but protects your delicate iPhone against spills, drops, dust, and scratches.

The AGF Precision HSD case is a decent product, but is more of a carry tool than a protection tool. If you were to use this case, I would strongly recommend its use in conjunction with an iPhone skin and/or screen protector. There will be those who like this style of hip-hugging case, and for them this iPhone container will fit the bill.

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