Advertise offers several different ad products to fit any advertising budget, and we offer discounts for those who sign up in time blocks.  We have some of the most competitive ad rates in the business, so book now while prices are low!

We offer 3 types of advertising systems for the maximum in flexibility.  Each of our packages has their own set of advantages. You can choose between Flat Rate, A La Carte, and CPM  Adverts.

Type 1: Flat Rate

This is a flat rate for your banner or text ad to be displayed on our site.  With this system, your ad can be “hard coded” into the site, meaning that it cannot be blocked by browser plugins.  For best results, the ad should be hosted on our servers.  Your ads will be seen on every page of our site.

Flat-Rate ad prices

Ad Type price per day Price per month
Text-link ad $1 / day $30 / month
125 x 125 button $3 / day $90 / month
468 x 60 top banner $5 / day $150 / month
160 x 600 skyscraper $10 / day $300 / month
720 x 90 top banner $12 / day $360 / month
250 x 250 square $12 / day $360 / month
Footer Ads (720×90, 468×60, text link) Contact Us

*Ads are also available on a per-article basis (a la carte), so please email us for a custom quote.
** You may also choose to share a rotated ad space, in which case you may buy “by the slice”

Type 2: A La Carte

We can place your ad directly into one (or more) of our articles. This makes your ad highly targeted and relevant, with a conversion rate up to 7 times higher than normal.  There are several factors that affect pricing, such as the popularity of the article, ad location, what type of ad (text or image), how the ad is served, and other factors.  Please contact us with your needs and we can make it happen.

Ads that work well here are 300×250 and 336×280 block ads.

Sample ads that can be embedded directly within specific articles
Sample ads that can be embedded directly within specific articles

Type 3: CPM advertising

CPM stands for Cost Per 1,000 impressions (M is the Roman numeral for 1,000, thus CPM).  Advertisers are charged a flat rate for their banner or text ad.  You load up your account and we display your ad in your chosen ad space until your account is depleted.  This ad space may be rotated with other ad customers, but you may specify the weighting of your ad (how often your ad appears).  Due to the nature of this system, it is not possible to “hard code” your ad, which may make it susceptible to ad-blocking technologies and less visible to search engines.

Ad prices per impression

banner type 10,000 50,000 100,000 300,000
125 x 125 button $5 $25 $50 $150
468 x 60 banner $9 $45 $90 $270
160 x 600 skyscraper $30 $150 $300 $900
720 x 90 banner $10 $50 $100 $300
300 x 250 $20 $100 $200 $600

We offer discounts based on the volume of ad you purchase.  High-volume ads (300,000 impressions or more) may find a better value with our Flat-Rate system.

Sample locations where we can place your ad
Some examples of where we can place your ad “above the fold”


We offer discounts for flat-rate customers that choose to sign up with us for several months at a time, in 3-month block packages.

Flat-Rate Discount Tiers

3 months 5% discount
6 months 10% discount
9 months 15% discount
12 months 20% discount
over a year 25% discount

*We may offer a price break depending on several factors, such as if your ad is “below the fold”, in the footer, nofollow tags, and other considerations.

Getting Started

It’s easy to get started.  Here’s how it works:

  • Advertisers must sign an insertion order. Fill out the form below to request an insertion order.
  • All ads must be paid for in advance.  We accept payment via check or money order, electronic funds transfer or PayPal.  We can usually get you started within 24 hours of your initial contact.
  • We can display all types of banners, including static and animated GIFs and Flash banners.
  • You can change your ads as often as necessary.
  • All advertisers receive an online account that lets them access the number of impressions and click throughs produced at any time they wish.  This service is not available for hard-coded ads, but we can provide you with other statistics of your ad’s performance

For best results

The main thing advertisers want to do is get their ad seen.  There are all sorts of things that can cause your ad not to be displayed.  Here are a few tips that will make sure that you reach more customers:

  • Placement is key: Whether your goal is rank improvement or customer clicks, the best place is usually near “above the fold”.  This means that your ad is visible without the user having to scroll, and more likely to receive clicks.  If your goal is just to be referenced by a high-ranking site, then you’ll want your link to appear above other text links… search engines generally place more weight on items closer to the top of HTML code.  If there’s a list of text links, then you want to be the first.
  • Hard-code your ad: Make sure your ad is not served by an ad system that rotates with others.  These ad banners are usually spawned by javascript and/or iframes, both of which many ad-blockers are aware of.
  • Let us host your ad: You may want to have us link to your ad banner hosted on your own server, but ad-blockers can block external URLs, and can add yours very easily.  If the ad is actually hosted with, coupled with a hard-coded ad, then it will be indistinguishable with our other content, and will be difficult to block.  Your ads only go down if our site goes down.
  • Make sure your assets are integrated with the ours: For example, if we host your images then they will be placed with our article content ( instead of  If someone wants to block your ad, then they will have to target it specifically.
  • Reduce your file size:  Some users don’t have the Internet fat-pipe like you do, and the larger your ad file, the more likely your ad won’t get downloaded by the user before they click off the page.  Try to keep your file under 100 Kilobytes
  • Don’t use Javascript or Flash in your ads: Some people may have these technologies disabled or uninstalled.  It may seem boring, but the ads that are more likely to be seen are flat image files.
  • Use ‘alt’ and ‘title’ text: Some users have images turned off.  For this reason, it is recommended that image ads have an ‘alt’ tag that summarizes your ad.  One example is “Click here to find the best prices on computer hardware –”.  If using a text-link ad, you can use ‘title’, which works with both image and text links

Other things you should know

The reason you want to advertise with is because of our reputation and targeted reach, and we reserve the right to preserve that reputation.  For that reason we cannot accept ads that promote gambling, tobacco, firearms, dating or adult material.

** “Hard coded” refers to ads that are written in-line as HTML with other HTML code, and have little dependancy on their proper rendering.  These ads do not change, they stay the same for every user and every page load.  Ads that are rendered via Javascript or Iframes may have reduced efficiency, as they are dependant on factors outside of our control (location and performance of host server, lag, client ad blockers, etc).

By default, ad spots are on a  “first come, first serve” basis.  An advertiser that has a contract with us will always be given a preferred spot.  If you want your ad to be placed ahead of existing banners or have other needs then we can certainly work something out.

If you would like detailed information about our site statistics, please feel free to contact us via the form below.

Alan McCloskey, Owner and Managing Editor of OCmodshop.comThanks for supporting We look forward to working with you.

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Owner and Managing Editor

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