AdventureQuest Celebrates Successful 4th Anniversary of Game Launch

(Sunnyvale, CA – October 26, 2006) – In an era when many online games are short-lived flavors of the week, AdventureQuest is one of the games that not only has lasted, but is still growing! This October, AdventureQuest celebrates its 4th Birthday with the annual Mogloween event — it is bigger, better and more successful than ever.

In late October 2002, AdventureQuest was released on the internet by its creator Artix Entertainment(Adam Bohn) with the dream of persuading even 100 people to play it (and hopefully like it).  In the beginning, AdventureQuest was just an Inn, a handful of non-player characters (NPCs), and a few monsters. Now, the game has blossomed into an entire richly developed world with nearly 1000 monsters, dozens of quests and towns to explore, and hundreds of items to discover. AdventureQuest currently has over 15 million registered accounts. The AdventureQuest team has since launched full release of their second web game, DragonFable, earlier this year which just reached 2 million registered accounts today.

“I would like to thank all of our players for making this game possible and am looking forward to a lifetime of adventure and monster-slaying by your side [especially the parts where we get to battle Undead]!”, says Artix Krieger (Adam Bohn) creator and the Paladin NPC of AdventureQuest.  “The game and community have come a long way, but we know that this is only the beginning.”

Happening Right Now in AdventureQuest:
Every year during this week we celebrate AdventureQuest’s birthday with the holiday called Mogloween! On this 4th Mogloween, Jack Pumpkinface, King of All Gourds, has joined forces with an evil ally to create huge Pumpkin Golems in order to avenge his pumpkin kin, who are sick and tired of being carved up and set outside on porches every year. Trick-or-Treat in-game to collect mountains of candy and trade in for cool masks, armors, weapons, and more. Be on guard to fight off hoards of monsters and other trick-or-treaters that want YOUR CANDY!

Pumpkin Carver Sword: 5-17 fire damage
Harvest Reaper Axe: 6-28 water damage

This Friday (October 27th!) we are releasing our first cartoon “short”!
– Player-owned houses and the addition of 5 more elemental clans are right around the corner!
– And one of the most exciting bits of news: We also are planning to release other-language versions of AdventureQuest!

AdventureQuest is a Flash-animated role-playing game playable on most
browsers. Free to play, for either minutes or hours a day, players
can delve into an action-packed fantasy world of myth and magic filled with hundreds of monsters, weapons, armor and items. For more information about all of Artix Entertainment’s free-to-join web browser and Macromedia Flash-based games, please visit