Advance Wars – Days of Ruin Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin is a great game, so were the last ones, etc., blah blah. It’s all good. Game has a good story, not great, but good – had to throw that in there.

What I want to say in this foreword is just a love letter to all my readers. I appreciate all the people who use my guides, and even the people that just  use bits and pieces of them – don’t care for the ones that just use the  email address if the answer they search for is in the guide, but oh well. And I especially love the people that visit my website, and I hope to expand it  in the near future. I really love those that have used multiple guides from me; like, almost in THAT WAY!

I love you all, every one. Some thought that from my Assassin’s Creed FAQ  section that I hated all my readers. No, it’s just that… well you know  when… but if… uh, I love you guys – leave it at that.



button action button action
A select unit, confirm selections, access pause menu to end turn R zoom
B cancel, hold cursor over unit and hold for attack range Control Pad move cursor
X swaps info on top screen Start toggle mini map, skip dialogue
Y voice chat in multiplayer… voice chat? Select pause menu
L scroll through unmoved units, an important button MIC speak to other players… voice chat?

Stylus – to do everything pretty much, but I use the buttons

Starter Tips

  • The terrain is your friend – that is probably the most important tip I can  give you. This is where the mechs are great because they can climb mountains. Just know that when you’re attacking, or when you’re getting within range of  an attack, you should set your unit in the best spot.
  • Quantity over quality – there is little reason to save up your money for the biggest unit possible. The War Tank is nice, but a bunch of normal Tanks can do more damage. Yes, if you are making thousands of dollars, be sure to get what you need. Tanks and AA units and Battle Copters and Infantry should be your normal selections; everything else is case-by-case.
  • Always know thy enemy’s range – try to stay out of striking distance of  feared units.
  • Conservativeness wins again! – that means holding off to strike. Usually pays off in your technique and power scores too. This also ties into building big  units too.
  • Retreat – simple as that. Just retreat your weak units to go get healed. Of  course this is only if you care about the score.
  • Don’t spam the field – spamming works in most situations, but sometimes it is best to stock up for a big toy. To build a ton of units is to win early on,  but if you see the scales tipping in the enemy’s favor, consider holding onto your funds.
  • Land, sea, and air – you must try to control one before you go after the any others. Yes, tackle all three as you go, but lean slightly toward taking one  away from your enemy. The sea is pretty easy to hold, as the naval units are  hella expensive. AAGuns are easy to spam to counter the air force. And of  course, sea and air units all counter the ground game.
  • Use the Left button – that is so you don’t have units just sitting around. Sitting on funds is okay, but there is absolutely no reason to leave units just sitting. Well, unless they are stuck on an island, literally.

Scoring in Advance Wars:

Speed – how fast you win, so play with some urgency
Power – how many units you kill in one turn, so hold back for a big hit
Technique – how many units you don’t lose, so play smart

Note that you can get very high scores, up to 400 and over. An S rank is anything over 300, so get about 100 in each stat. If all else fails, just win as fast as you can.