ADS InstantHDTV PCI Capture Card Review



If you’re a video enthusiast, then you no doubt have (or want) a Home Theater PC. Not only can it replace an entire rack full of equipment, but it can do things that consumer equipment just cannot easily do… like record HDTV onto BluRay or HD-DVD disks. To even begin to step into this world, you need to record the raw HDTV signals, and there is no consumer equipment that lets you do that. You either have to hack a set-top-box (STB) to stream the signal over firewire, or record over-the-air (OTA) HDTV with a capture card.

ADS Technology has introduced a video capture solution to grab those new-fangled digital airwaves and put them on your desktop… the ADS InstantHDTV PCI video capture card. It is a single PCI solution that allows you to not only capture HDTV, but has a full-blown hardware MPEG-encoder for standard defiinition TV and supports time-shifting, too.

HDTV is here now!
Today 95% of all households in the U.S. can receive HDTV from at least one network broadcaster. And more than 85% can receive an HDTV signal from three or more network broadcasters.

Enjoy all the clarity and brilliance of crystal clear HDTV broadcasts on your PC monitor instead of buying a new HDTV. HDTV broadcast’s look better because they have up to 6 times the resolution of standard TV broadcasts and many broadcasts include Dolby 5.1 Audio so HDTV sounds better too! And HDTV is FREE – HD Shows are broadcast over the air, no need for cable TV or satellite subscriptions. Just add Instant HDTV PCI and a TV antenna to receive HDTV! If you still have analog Cable TV in your house you can also use the Instant HDTV PCI to receive standard TV and Cable broadcasts in addition to HDTV broadcasts.

Full Featured Personal Video Recorder Capabilities
Instant HDTV PCI includes SnapStream’s Beyond TV which transforms your PC into a home theatre powerhouse with a powerful integrated electronic program guide. Beyond TV lets you see “What’s On” and watch it now or schedule for future recording. Beyond TV incorporates powerful Digital TV capabilities that allow you to Pause, Fast Forward and Rewind Live TV as well as recorded programs. You have the power to program recordings of future airings by searching the electronic program guide by title or keyword.


  • Receive FREE over the Air HDTV broadcasts on your PC
  • Microsoft Media Center Edition Certified
  • Supports normal TV broadcasts and cable TV signals
  • Control TV with IR Remote Control
  • Record HDTV, Analog and Cable TV to your computer hard drive.
  • Schedule TV Recordings in Beyond TV Express
  • Search the Electronic Program Guide for your favorite shows by title or keyword
  • Time-Shift TV Watching
  • Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward live TV
  • Display information for a summary of the program you are watching
  • Archive TV shows to CD or DVD for playback on your home DVD Player