Actual conversation from two nights ago

JOHN DYMOND!!! I know you read my blog… so you will eventually read this…. lol… you are putting thoughts into Steven’s head at work that I am coming to know about!

(Actual conversation from two nights ago, while I was cooking dinner)
Steven: So John and I were talking about Ahran (John’s son) today at work.
Me: Yah, so?
Steven: Well he said something that I thought you may find interesting.
Me: Yah, what’s that?
Steven: I was saying to John “We don’t want to have babies yet because they are too expensive”. And John said “Well, they aren’t all that expensive unless you buy them new clothes every week.” and then I said “Well they have to eat”, and John said, “They actually eat very little when you think about it”.
Me: Nice.
Steven: So… erm… can we have kids now?
Me: WHATTT!!!!!
Ugh…. you are persuading Steven to breed because of your cute baby and knowledge about babies in general! Not that I don’t want to have kids because I do, but when Steven gets that look on his face it’s hard for me to tell him “no kids right now”. He even offered to be the house husband! Again, all I’m asking for is a couple of years, because I think if I have kids during school I won’t finish… it would be too hard.
Plus kids may detract from my OCMS sex appeal…
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