AcoustiFan DustProof 120mm PC Fan



We review a lot of fans and other computer cooling equipment here at OCmodshop.  In some ways, testing fans are quite straightforward, and in other ways they are very subjective.   The noise and airflow ratio produced by any given fan changes as the blades and motor gather dust.  Debris on the blades can actually chip away at the blade edge over time, making it less aerodynamic, which reduces airflow and increases noise.  Dust in the motor means friction, which requires more electricity to move the fan around and increased noise.

Acousti Products believes they have a solution to the dust-in-the-motor solution with their AcoustiFan DustProof AFDP-12025 Ultra Quiet PC Fan.   The company claims that this range of fans are premium quality and ultra-quiet and dust-tolerant.


  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Premium build quality
  • Triple speed fan cable accessory
  • Sealed fan motor for dust-free operation and reduced noise
  • Multiple application (intake, exhaust, CPU, GPU or case modding)
  • RPM monitoring enabled
  • Reliable long-life expectancy (over 6 years at 25 degrees C)
  • 5-volt operation for near-silent operation
  • Acoustic case badge for additional noise reduction

Inside the box are several goodies that are expected in premium case fans today.  The kit comes with four rubberized fan mounts, four standard mounting screws, a 3-speed fan cable accessory, and the fan itself with standard 3-pin power cable.  The fan is a standard black color with a colorful sticker on the exhaust side of the hub, which states the fan information.

AcoustiFans are designed for quietness, rather than maximum airflow performance, although their CPM airflow specifications are respectable.   Their ultra-quiet noise level make it ideal for home theater PCs or other applications where silence is a major factor in the build.

The fans can be further silenced with the included speed accessory cable.  This cable takes power in through a standard 4-pin molex adapter, and breaks out into several female 3-pin fan adapters.  A male fan lead is attached, which can be attached to your motherboard to allow for performance monitoring.  Each female lead offers a different amount of resistance, which reduces the voltage to the fan, thus reducing its rotation speed.  Each tier of reduction results in reduced noise and airflow.