Acoustifan AFG Series 120mm Anti-Vibration Fan Gasket Review


Eliminate fan vibration

There are a lot of issues with computers that, when not addressed, can lead to either minor annoyances or major malfunction.  If your motherboard melts, or your power supply explodes into a fiery ball of death, those are major freaking malfunctions.  But what about the minor stuff, like vibration noise issues?  There are several options out there to remedy this definite annoyance, but what is worth buying and how much money should you really drop on them?  Today, I’m going to review one such device that is meant to decimate your fan vibration issues for good.  Acoustifan has provided us with their 120mm Anti-vibration Fan Gasket.  Here are a few details on this before we get started:

  • Reduces Cooling Fan Noise
  • Ultra-Soft for improved vibration dampening: Hardness Shore A 25 Degrees
  • Super-Thick: Generous 2.5mm thickness
  • Unique Mounting Screws: An improved design.

The gasket comes in a standard blister packaging that is stapled to cardboard backing.  Inside, you find the gasket along with a small zip-lock baggie that contains the screw mounting kit.  This consists of four screws and four rubber mounts to affix the fan to the mount, then to the case.  Installing the gasket is not difficult task.  If you can work a screwdriver, then you can put this thing in there.  After getting it all hooked up, I turned my computer on to see what it was going to do.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell any difference between having this gasket and simply making sure my fan screws were securely tightened.  The only thing it really did was push my case fan a little farther out into my case and block my video card from being seated properly.

All in all, it is a good idea, but no better than any of the other ideas that are out there.  The rubber screw replacements are just as good at dampening vibration, as are the foam inserts that go in the corners of the fans.  But either way, I find that if you really want to reduce the amount of vibration in your fans, buy a good screwdriver.

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