Abit AA8-3rd Eye Motherboard Review



Let me start out by saying that µGuru is the best feature I have seen in a motherboard for quite sometime. I left the memory at its rated timings of 4-4-4-12 and started increasing the FSB while adding more voltage to the CPU, memory, and northbridge as needed.

After successfully overclocking to 265 FSB I then used the OC Guru in Windows to push the FSB of 270 taking my 2.8GHz Pentium 4 to 3784MHz! To achieve this overclock I first flashed the BIOS to version 15 using Abit’s FlashMenu which worked flawlessly. I then and set the CPU to 1.5875v, DDR to 1.9v, and northbridge to 1.65v.

I did not lock the PCI-Express bus but did lock the PCI to 33.33MHz. If I locked the PCI-Express bus to 100MHz it would cause the system not to boot for some reason. I could tell that the motherboard had a much more in it but my processor was maxed out which is not surprising since it was running almost 1000MHz faster than stock.

I also used the Abit EQ to monitor my temperatures and voltages while overclocking which was extremely useful. Also as a final note I was only using the retail heatsink that Intel provided with the Pentium 4, so imagine what you could do with some serious cooling.

CPU Memory
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Knowing Abit and how innovative they are with new technology I had high expectations for this motherboard. Of course being Abit they had no problem surpassing what I expected and just blowing me away.

I don’t think that any overclocker could really ask much more from a motherboard when it comes to the BIOS, voltages, dividers, and stability. With this motherboard I was easily able to overclock my 2.8GHz to almost 3.8GHz while running the memory at 360MHz. The onboard features such as firewire, gigabit LAN, 8-channel audio, and four USB 2.0 make it basically unnecessary to buy anything but a video card.

µGuru is something Abit really did a great job on and I can’t stress enough how useful and powerful this suite of applications is within the BIOS and Windows. Finally to top it all off Abit throws in their new µGuru clock which is such a simple idea but so very useful and helpful. I don’t know how many times I have been gaming and have either needed some overclocking power, wanted to know my CPU temperature, and simply see what time it was.

Without rambling on too long you also have a whole host of other excellent features such as DDR2, PCI-Express, PWM fan control, and more. I am very impressed with this motherboard, and with that it has earned a 10/10 and is awarded the OCmodshop Seal of Approval. I would like to thank Abit for making this review possible.


  • Extremely overclockable
  • BIOS is robust and lacks nothing
  • µGuru is an excellent innovation
  • The clock adds to µGuru greatness
  • Features DDR2 & PCI-Express
  • Impressive memory scores
  • High definition 8-channel audio
  • Onboard firewire and gigabit LAN
  • PWM CPU and northbridge control


  • None
Brandon Turnbull is a technology enthusiast living in southern California. He has written numerous articles and tutorials about PC overclocking and modification.