Abit AA8-3rd Eye Motherboard Review


Features & Clock

µGuru combines the latest PC technologies, providing users with an unforgettable PC experience. µGuru integrates a hardware microchip which interacts with Windows-based software applications to maximize PC performance and stability, while allowing for zero CPU usage. Furthermore, ABIT’s new Guru Clock brings users prompt overclocking and monitoring hardware status without the need to enter Windows-based utilities. Users no longer have to worry about being interrupted while they’re playing games or applications in full screen when they want to increase the system speed.

OC Guru AutoDrive is a great overclocking software which is designed specifically for Abit motherboards. The first thing this application does is displays all of your overclocking, BIOS, and Audio status. OC Guru also allows you choose from 6 overclocking profiles the first three are preset to turbo, normal, and quiet. The remaining three you can define to whatever settings you desire, these are user 1, user 2, and user 3. With AutoDrive you can have your system automatically launch a desired profile upon application launch.

This is extremely helpful if you want to have your system overclocked while gaming but quiet when idle. Without this feature you would need to reboot, go into your BIOS to configure everything, and wait for your operating system to reboot. Finally if you want to do all of your overclocking by hand you can use the SoftMenu. This section of OC Guru will give you control of all your voltages, FSB, multiplier, divider, and so on.

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EQ is a hardware monitoring application which allows you to see all of your temperatures, voltages, and fan speeds. Not only does this application monitor all of your critical information but you can enable it to beep or shut down if there are warnings. While doing all of this EQ automatically records your system information which BlackBox can use to generate a detailed working log to send it to Abit technical support.

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FlashMenu is a Windows based BIOS flashing utility which means you don’t have to boot into DOS to update your BIOS. FlashMenu has taken something that can be complicated for newer users and made it simple. With this application you have three ways to choose from to update your BIOS. You can choose the “One Click LiveUpdate” which will check Abit’s website, download the appropriate BIOS, and automatically update it for you. This is such a great feature which will remove the possibility of doing a bad flash and rendering the motherboard useless. You are also able to do the LiveUpdate step by step which will take you through the process rather than automatically doing everything. Finally you are able to update from file which allows you to choose the BIOS you want to use rather than letting Abit decide.

Last but not least is BlackBox which this assists technical support in quickly and correctly diagnosing and fixing problems you might have. BlackBox auto-detects hardware info for quick communication between users and Abit tech support. If you encounter problems, just click “SendMail to Abit” and Abit tech Support should respond in 24 hours.

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The newest additon to the µGuru family is Abit’s Guru Clock which allows you to access and overclock your system while playing game or using applications in full screen without the need to stop or close the applications you are running. In addition, Guru Clock allows you to power on your PC then displays hardware monitoring status, room temperature, time, and even notifies you of new MSN/E-mail all from its LCD display. All of the these settings are configured thorough

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The Guru clock installs just like any other typical USB device and requires no drivers. Once installed all of the settings that have been configured with the software will then display on the clock. I found this clock to be very useful, especially while benchmarking and testing. Being able to monitor temperatures, voltages, and time is very helpful during the times when a full screen application was running. A feature like this is something that an overclocker would highly appreciate especially if they are also a gamer.

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