A Day in the Fabulous Life of Game Reviewer Trisha Oliver

Many of you are new to my blogs…basically they are just ramblings about my day…here goes….

I have a buttload of homework tonight. Why does it seem like the only time I ever have off is consumed by school work? Only 3 more weeks though, then I’m DONE for the summer….rock on. F*cking stupid nursing, I shall own you….
Psychology tests suck. I’ve gotten an 88% on every test this quarter. I just can’t break my own stupid mold.
Nice weather today…. I think it’s about time for a motorcycle ride. Why are drivers huge idiots when I’m riding a bike? It’s like they can’t hear the massive exhaust I’m controlling. (lol..that sounds wrong…)
I’m in a gaming drought right now..I wish there were more games out there to play. Time to invest in FF XI!
I wish bad comedians weren’t on during the middle of the day. Premium Blend on Comedy Central sucks right now….NOT FUNNY!!! This girl is joking about walking down the aisle for her wedding? NOT FUNNY!? Stupid… stupid…”we’re posing, we’re posing”” ahhhhh die…
Steven and I are going to Saltwater Park today. Very exciting. (I live in Des Moines, WA.. incase you’re interested in stalking evidently..) I want to go swimming… weather get hotter dammit!!
Ugh tomorrow I have to teach from 1-8pm…I might just die…. then I have a massive paper due on Friday..ugh just kill me now. Procrastination is my worst enemy, but one that I readily embrace. Sad. I’d rather spend today doing fun stuff!
By the way…my sister in-law is an idiot. This family feud is killing me. I wish Steven and I could just run away and leave his dramatic family behind. My daily life is like an episode of “Real World”. Just imagine…”Real World: Trailer Trash Kent”…that’s my life….
Trisha had a really epic biography, but made us take it down. Something to do with government conspiracies, Cthulu, and being the "Chosen One" or something. You can follow her on Twitter @TrishaDuerr.