A-Data Nobility PD17 2GB Flash Drive Review


Ultra-portable and powerful

There are alot of flash drives available today with several different features.  Some focus on portable applications, others on speed, or even ultra-portability.  While some of these units have some nifty features, it doesn’t do any good it you don’t have it with you.  Many flash drives come with a lanyard, but let’s face it: for most people hanging a lanyard around your neck isn’t a daily ritual.

This is where the ultra-portable flash drives come in.  They are so small that you can attach them to things you have with you every day; like your wallet or keychain. A-Data has developed an incredibly small and innovative flash drive that has everything most people need  you need (and nothing you don’t).

A-DATA’s PD 17 features stylish design and a loss-proof sliding design cap that eliminates the problem of easily-lost caps that is ideal for today’s busy lifestyles. It combines plug-and-play convenience and key-chain style design with elegance and smooth lines. The fashion concept is taken a step further by making PD 17 available in three different colors: champagne gold, elegant red and bright blue.

The blend of exquisite, innovative design that emphasizes simplicity and smooth lines with slim, lightweight construction makes the device a data storage product with a unique style. PD 17 takes hi-tech and fashion to new levels in terms of both visual appearance and functionality, adding an extra touch of minimalist charm to the user’s modern lifestyle.


  • Tiny
  • Push and Play
  • COB process for PCBA
  • Enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost
  • Specification: support USB 2.0
  • Size 36.5*24.5*5.5mm
  • Weight:5g