A.C. Ryan Blackfire UV LED Fan Review



The fan quality is top notch. The 120mm version spins at 2000 RPM, producing a soft but barely audible whisper. I have a few 120mm fans running at 1200RPM, but you can barely feel the air coming from it. The Blackfire 4 fan produces significanly more airflow while still being relatively quiet at 28dBA. Depending on how noisy your computer room is (a very quiet room is 30 decibels, an average room is likely 40 dBA) , you will never hear it. Again, this fan was designed with voltage adjustment in mind, so you can always turn it down to get the best airflow / noise ratio.

The 80mm fan has similar specs with many of its bladed bretheren: 2500RPM and 25dBA. It is made of the same crisp transparent grey hard plastic and uses 1.8W of power. The four ultraviolet LEDs are held in place with more opaque UV-reactive glue.

Overall the A.C.Ryan Blackfire 4 fans are very good, and they take the modder into consideration. Not only do the fans perform well with little noise, but they are flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs, from the light-nut to the conservative user. The cable length could be a little longer, and I would like to see some heatshrink on the sleeving ends for a tidier look. Still, they look good, perform well, and are flexible depending on your application.

You will want to take these fans with you when you upgrade to your next PC case.

REPORT CARD : A.C. Ryan Blackfire 4 UV-reactive fans
category rating comments
Quality 4 The hard plastic has no imperfections. cables are routed professionally and assembled very well. Cable sleeving is a nice touch, but heatshrink on the ends would make it more tidy.
Innovation 4 While A.C.Ryan is to be applauded for considering LEDs when undervolting, the implementation could be more elegant.
Performance 4 The UV LEDs don’t light up the fan as well as a cold cathode, but the fans are rather quiet and produce good airflow.
Installation 4 Very easy to install, but short cables may require extensions if you like to route your cables.
Value 4 The Blackfire can be found online between $8 and $15, depending on the size you want.
FINAL VERDICT: 4 out of 5 stars
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