A.C. Ryan Blackfire UV LED Fan Review



If you have a computer, then you have fans. Fans to circulate the air in and out of the case, fans to cool your processor, fans to cool your video card, and even fans to direct air to other fans! Many enthusiasts have a windowed computer case, and use tricked-out fans to complement their other case bling, and have installed cold cathode lights and LED spotlights to show off their components. You may have already seen UV blacklights to show off the eerie glow of the UV reactive fans and cables inside some PCs.

While a normal code cathode can light up an entire case, UV lights are really only effective at close range (as they produce little visible light) and some people have to install three or four UV lamps to light up all of their fancy components, which can be difficult to maneuver, especially in a smaller chassis. One of the hardest spot to position a cold cathode is the front and back of the case, where many intake and exhaust fans are installed.

A.C. Ryan has heard the call, and has introduced their Blackfire fans for your PC. If you’re a fan of UV, and a fan of fans, then you might be interested in these whirlwinds of wonder. They have ultraviolet LEDs built right into the fan base, so the blades light up without any external source. They come in three different sizes and are available in several colors.

  • DualPower™ : independent power for UVLED and fan
  • Pre-sleeved : pre-sleeved with matching color superior FlexSleeve and matching color fan connector
  • Stylish UV-active™ Fans
  • Built-in 4x LED light 4x LED = 4x UV effect
Package contents
  • 80mm Clear UV-active™ fan with 4x UV LED light, 3pin fan power connector
  • with 3pin to 4pin Molex connector (with Molex pass through)


80mm 92mm 120mm
Power Consumption 1.3W 1.9W 2.8W
Fan speed (RPM) 2500 2500 2000
Noise level (dB) 22.18 25.24 28.95
Airflow (CFM) 32.37 43.40 77.70