7 Ways Video Conferencing is the Modern Employee’s Best Friend

According to the PGI blog, more people are choosing remote work than ever before. Technologies like video conferencing have made the rise of remote work solutions possible. Here are a few of the ways that it’s made employee lives better the world over.

1. More Control

In a study cited by the Entrepreneur, almost 36 percent of employees state a preference for telecommuting rather than a pay raise. That’s significant. It means that money isn’t the motivating factor, but rather control. With online web conferencing technologies, employees are able to exert greater control over their schedules. It’s given people more time to commit to pursuits other than work.

2. Less Travel

Companies no longer have to send employees to different offsite offices for training. Workshops can now be efficiently done through video. What’s more, given the playback feature of the technology, it’s easy for employees to go back to certain points of the video to review instructions or simply see if they missed a step. This cuts down on the time it takes for employees to ask questions and have those questions clarified, especially if the exchange happens through email or chat. No matter how fast you go, video is still faster.

3. Higher Engagement

When you’re meeting via audio, it’s easy to hide whatever it is you’re doing and make the people on the other end of the line believe you’re as invested in the conversation as they are. That’s not quite as easy to pull in a video meeting, which makes it a better option. Therefore, if you want your team engaged, a better way to ensure attention is truly focused on you and the conversation at hand is to go with a video conference instead of a live chat.

4. Better Communication

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being misunderstood simply because of an inappropriately placed smiley on an official thread at work, then you’ll appreciate the face to face element that video solutions offer. For online web conferencing, BlueJeans is one of the stellar choices out there and one standout reason for that is the HD quality of its calls. With HD clarity, it’s easy for your coworkers to see exactly what you mean. It also makes it easier for you to pick up on body language and tell if your offsite teammate is excited and invested in the project, or simply bored and counting the minutes until the end of the day. According to another article on The Houston Chronicle, between 65 to 75 percent of what we communicate to others is rendered through non-verbal cues. That’s a lot of stuff being missed when you limit communication through email, chat or call.

5. Global Office

BetaNews explains how online web conferences have eliminated geographic barriers. The advantage for employees is obvious. With the ability to take video calls and online meetings anytime, anywhere as long as there’s a working internet connection, employees now have every means to stay connected. It doesn’t matter if they work for long stretches at home or from the café two blocks away or even relocate to Tokyo for six months every year. With video solutions, it’s entirely possible to have your team spread out across several continents and make it work without a lag in production or quality.

6. Zero Commuting Stress

Employees deal with commuting woes, issues, and stress every day. From missing the bus to a wrecked car transmission that makes someone late for an important meeting, all employees have to learn to be competent at managing commuting stress. It’s almost a hard won trick of corporate life, but with mobile work solutions, employees won’t have to deal with these issues anymore, says MobileVillage. Since video conferences eliminate a huge chunk of work-related travel from daily life, more get to have time to take in the world outside and relax, take a walk in the park or spend a few stress-free minutes chatting with office colleagues and friends. With less time wasted on travel, employees have more time for ideas, energy, and an increased willingness to collaborate and invest in other things. Whether that’s personal or professional is just a handy side benefit.

7. Work Life Balance

Having more time is an advantage employees all across the board love. For those who work nine to five jobs and have a limited number of hours in a day to devote either to themselves or to family and friends, it’s even more important. This is especially true for employees who have full-time commitments outside of work. For instance, if you’re taking care of a sick parent, then flexible arrangements allow you to be there for your family member while still meeting deadlines at work. For parents, being able to spend as much of your time at home makes it possible for you to see your kids grow up.

These are just seven reasons why employees should embrace video conferencing in their daily lives, and why you should too.

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